SPD CDN Service

CDN - Content Delivery Network, or more simple, a network for providing content.
An innovative technique, created by SPD, which facilitates copies of site
content (pictures, videos and content pages) over a large number of servers with a common network.

The technology in practice:

Since the idea of a CDN network is to reduce loads from the site main server, the other network servers call it, draw information from it, and create a cache copy of it.

As a result, it is possible to save a large number of browsers requests from the site main server, reducing the load from it.
For example, consider the YouTube site, providing video content to many browsers around the world. What happens if access is allowed only to its main server? Will it be wise to cope with such a large quantity of browsers doing it simultaneously?

The answer to this, is that although it is possible to increase the hardware resources and the bandwidth of the main server in order to enable a more comfortable watching, this will not be the correct solution. So why do you need CDN? First and foremost, in order to improve user experience and to provide the site contents as fast as possible.

Below are the CDN packages.

Our way of accelerating the website and to provide an especially fast browsing experience to the site visitors. Our customers report an improvement in browsing speed and site uploading of hundreds of percent.

What are the CDN advantages?

CDN facilitates loads distribution but it has other advantages which are worthwhile mentioning:

Load distribution:
The main advantage of a CDN network is distribution of loads which helps the site manager to distribute them on a number of servers and so to save resources.


DDoS attacks are based on massive loading of requests directed to the site, which cause the site to crash. Using a quality CDN network, creates an additional protection pseudo-circle between the attackers and the server and it is also able to prevent the site crash. The requests arrive to the network and not to the main server.

Improving user experience

Maximal bandwidth use together with loads distribution enable the browser to receive the contents in a better way.

Increase of survivability:

A temporary crash of the main server or one of the CDN network servers directs the browsers to another site in the network which responds to the browsers requests. True, it is not yet a disaster recovery solution or a full survivability solution.

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