The SPD company provides site hosting services, physical and virtual servers in a server farm, one of the most advanced in the field of farm infrastructure.
The farms are fast, secured and supply to the customer a stable and fast, unique service experience.


Among the world leading communication (networking) and data protection (firewall, WAF) equipment, such as Cisco, F5, Check Point, Juniper, Fortigate, hardware and software equipment from world leading brands, such as HP, DELL and Microsoft.

Communication system

The communication system is based on switches and routers made by HP, Juniper and Cisco, etc.. The network design emphasizes strongly survivability, availability and data protection while ensuring DMZ, WAN and LAN segments, encoded management networks, and more. All switches are connected through a 1G / 10 G communication to backbone switches which provide hot backup one to the other.

System survivability

The survivability of the many physical infrastructures mounted in the servers farm, such as electricity, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, flooding detection, and site protection.


Electrical system   

The electrical system is backed from separate and independent sources backed in turn by a UPS system for an external electricity backup.

Human and physical protection

The servers farm is manned 24 hours a day and is backed by a protection system for control and command, which includes: security cameras, smart cards, biometric identification systems, and a closed TV recording system during weeklong – 24/7. Each cabinet is provided with a physical protection system – a coded entrance device (optional).

Infrastructures monitoring and control systems

Advanced air conditioning control (the servers farm is equipped with a heat suction system directly from each cabinet), type Preaction fire control combined with fire extinguishing systems operating in the escalation method which starts operation on receiving warning from two separate sources installed across the farm.


High ISP bandwidth use, maximal connectivity to the backbone and to the Israeli IIX, ensuring optimal proportion of bandwidth to the number of customers, a setting which ensures the fastest and the most qualitative communication rate for the customers servers.     

Hosting cabinets

Servers cabinets built with the utmost care of quality cabling, air conditioning, double electricity feed, option of cabinet construction secured with a biometric mechanism and photographing systems.

The following services can be found in the servers farm:

-        Cloud computing services and managed virtual servers

-        Hosting and leasing dedicated servers 

-        Data protection, load balancer, and WAE protection

-        Shared site hosting, WordPress, Magento

-        Servers management and maintenance services

-        Advanced backup services

-        E-mail services

-        DNS services

-        Monitoring and warning services

-        Communication and data protection services

-        Statistical reports

-        Measurement and monitoring tools which improve management ability

-        Broad bandwidth connectivity