The American Cloudflare company provides CDN services, data security, DNS distribution, and serves as main hosting server.
The use of Cloudflare services facilitates the improvement of the website performance,
which is stored in an SPD infrastructure, by directing its traffic directly to Cloudflare.


The CDN is designed primarily to reduce loads from the main server of the site,
in a way that the users access the various CDN servers on the network, pull the information out of it, and produce a copy of its cache.

Thus, it is possible to save a large number of requests to the main server where the site is stored, and thus, reduce the load from it.

Take for example the YouTube site, which provides video content to many surfers from all over the globe.
Consider what happens if the access is allowed only to its main server.
Would it be wise to try to deal with so many requests from surfers at the same time?


WAF service:

Web Application Firewall (WAF) - A service designed to prevent hacking and block loopholes by filtering out illegal traffic, preventing SQL Injection and Blind SQL Injection attacks, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Cloudflare also deals with Cross Site Scripting, known as XSS and Web-based attacks, through vulnerability in Web applications which allows the attacker to inject malicious script to run on other system users' browsers.

Like the Agent developed by the SPD, Cloudflare’s agent also automatically detects
new attacks that appear and harm Web sites on its network.
Once Cloudflare detects the new attack, the service begins blocking the attack to specific sites and to
all the sites connected to the Cloudflare network.

Sites that suffer from spam on their various pages can also use the Cloudflare service,
thus preventing the frustrating phenomenon.
In the business version, the Cloudflare service enables DDoS protection in Layer 3, Layer 4 and Layer 7.

Winning Customer Service Experiences

About 10 people man daily the support center together with a team from the projects department which is available to handle complex malfunctions. The support center is a modern facility with advanced monitor and warning capabilities which enable receiving alerts and handling them in advance as part of preventive maintenance. Malfunction alerts are received in the system and are handled in real time by a team which serves thousands of customers and maintains tens of thousands of sites stored in an array of over 1000 dedicated / virtual servers (Windows and Linux).

Our successful performance secret

The experience and the knowledge accumulated during 17 years of activity together with the technological system established,
enable us to provide to our customers a high level of data protection, a marvelous uptime and a winning service experience. The utmost value leading us in the daily care given to our customers, is providing a high satisfaction.