F5 Firewall - SSL VPN

The F5 Firewall service acts as a network firewall to transfer traffic from a source to a destination in ports
defined in advance according to the needs of the system and customer demand.

Equipped with advanced options, such as:

SSL offloading, which downloads the SSL from the server itself and then installed and managed on the F5.
Performs all the browser and servers encryption and / or decrypting processes

Loads reduction - reduces loads from WEB servers and centralizes SSL traffic issues more efficiently and securely.

Network protection - Detects and blocks communication-based security issues before reaching the server itself .

Flexible defense of complex threats - protection against threats such as Malware, Injections, Brute Force and more.

SSH channel protection - SSH traffic review, detection and prevention of malicious traffic in the SSH media.

The service is mainly implemented for VPN in 2 ways:

SSL Client VPN - enables a single "user" connection to the company's systems stored on the server farm

Site-To-Site VPN - enables the connection of an office registrar to the company's systems stored on the server farm

The product enables the creation of an easy-to-implement policy based on familiar and predefined data from the source that connects to the service.

Package upgrade options: 

Extra - Up to 10 firewall rules per account - 39 NIS including VAT
Extra - Up to 1 Site-To-Site VPN per account - 49 NIS including VAT

Site-To-Site VPN establishment cost: 
The first two hours are free of charge as part of the service Over two hours at a cost of NIS 270 including VAT per hour worked

* The SPD representative will execute settings only with SPECIALIZED equipment It is the responsibility
of the customer to take care of a technical representative on his behalf who will work with

the SPD representative and execute the settings in the remote firewall.

Our successful performance secret

The experience and the knowledge accumulated during 17 years of activity together with the technological system established,
enable us to provide to our customers a high level of data protection, a marvelous uptime and a winning service experience. The utmost value leading us in the daily care given to our customers, is providing a high satisfaction.

Winning Customer Service Experiences

About 10 people man daily the support center together with a team from the projects department which is available to handle complex malfunctions. The support center is a modern facility with advanced monitor and warning capabilities which enable receiving alerts and handling them in advance as part of preventive maintenance. Malfunction alerts are received in the system and are handled in real time by a team which serves thousands of customers and maintains tens of thousands of sites stored in an array of over 1000 dedicated / virtual servers (Windows and Linux).