Management Services

Whether your server is located in our servers farm or in any other place in the world, our team is up and ready to provide servers maintenance and management in the most professional and efficient manner.

The knowledge and the expertise accumulated by us during the years, provide you with the peace of mind you need in regard to the hosting solution in order to help you to maximize the added value derived from cloud services.

SPD provides erection and management of servers arrays in the leading clouds: Azure, Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud, Rackspace.

Our customers enjoy around the clock (24/7) full management services which include design, erection and servers management for any purpose.

Our advantages

Professional, experienced, courteous, highly motivated team, which cares to it so you are always happy.

Availability – Technical service available any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Efficiency – Working directly with experienced technicians, so that the repair time is short and meaningful to you.

No bureaucracy – Handling malfunctions is not delayed because of administrative issues. First, the manufacture is handled and solved, and only then, a comprehensive check is made.

Designing and erecting an array of servers in accordance
with building a VPC environment emphasizing security rules and compliance with strict standards (PCI, ISO).
Erection and management of an Autoscale array
for shipping traffic volumes and big campaigns.


EC2, virtual machines monitoring with SNMP, HTTP monitoring, other monitoring activities according to the customer demands. Server availability, slow queries, replications, Auto Heal, RDS services and more.
Snapshot backup
while preserving retention (available backup volumes) according to the customer demands and within the budget restraints. 

Load distribution
A load distribution service based on Amazon Load Balancer. 

Erection and services settings
, Elasticcache, CloudFront, S3, Route 53. 

Systems and panels for sites management
Installation, maintenance and operation of Linux and Windows based web servers. Installation, training and support for management infrastructures DirectAdmin, Cpanel and Plesk. 

Database management system
Installation, maintenance and operation of databases. System operability check by checking backup system messages and data restoration. Erection and operation of data survivability systems. Supporting SQL, Access, MySQL.

Technical support
Full 24/7 technical support provided by a service turn of duty person in charge.

Servers hardware
Hardware systems installation, maintenance and operation on server.

Our successful performance secret

The experience and the knowledge accumulated during 17 years of activity together with the technological system established,
enable us to provide to our customers a high level of data protection, a marvelous uptime and a winning service experience. The utmost value leading us in the daily care given to our customers, is providing a high satisfaction.