CDN Service Management

Do you have a website that goes behind a CDN service? Need maintenance and ongoing servicing?
Whether your server is located in our server farm or anywhere else in the world, our team is up and ready to provide
the most professional and efficient maintenance and management of the service.

SPD has extensive experience in establishing, managing and maintaining Cloudflare, Akamai and Incapsula.
Many projects managed by us have chosen an external CDN service to meet security standards and technological needs.

Our Advantages

professional, experienced, courteous and motivated team that will make sure you are always satisfied.

Availability - Technical service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Efficiency - Direct work with experienced technicians, so that the time of treatment is short and effective for the customer.
Without bureaucracy, mishandling is not delayed because of administration issues.

First they provide a response to the problem, and then perform a perimeter check.

Cloudflare Service

An international company with a wide distribution of server farms around the world (including Israel)
The company provides a range of services, the most prominent of which are performance acceleration and communication such as CDN, Load Balancing, DNS.

It also provides advanced security services such as Application Firewall / WAF, DDOS Protection and Video Streaming services.

The company offers 4 packages, starting with a free package to an Enterprise suite.

Incapsula Service

Pioneers of cloud-based information security companies.

The company has a wide deployment of server farms around the world and today there is also a great emphasis on information security.

The company provides advanced security services such as DDOS Protection, Website Protection, DNS Protection
Web site security services, Bot Mitigation, Web Application Firewall.
Also load distribution and CDN services for acceleration of sites using advanced Cache mechanisms.

AKAMAI Service

Among the first and leading CDN services companies in the world, which also provides the service on Israeli POP.
The company is identified as one of the first websites CDN providers through the deployment of global servers,
Operates in the field of website acceleration on an advanced CDN, managed through a friendly and user-friendly interface.
The company also provides Media Delivery, Cloud Security and Cloud Networking services.