Domain Ownership Transfer

Would like to transfer ownership for your domain?  You've come to the right place!
 All you have to do is place an order for the required service and then you will be required
to fill in the accompanying forms that will be sent to the email box.

The domain name transfer process requires filling out a form with the details of the domain owner and the buyer.
The form will be sent to you after the order has been made. In addition, a photocopy of the identity card of the owner and the buyer should be sent to us.

* Transfer of ownership of an international domain renews the validity of the domain for one year from the date of registration.
* In the transfer of an Israeli domain there is no change in the validity of the domain

Winning Customer Service Experiences

About 10 people man daily the support center together with a team from the projects department which is available to handle complex malfunctions.
The support center is a modern facility with advanced monitor and warning capabilities which enable receiving alerts and handling them in advance as part of preventive maintenance. Malfunction alerts are received in the system and are handled in real time by a team which serves thousands of customers and maintains tens of thousands of sites stored in an array of over 1000 dedicated / virtual servers (Windows and Linux).

Our successful performance secret

The experience and the knowledge accumulated during 17 years of activity together with the technological system established,
enable us to provide to our customers a high level of data protection, a marvelous uptime and a winning service experience.
The utmost value leading us in the daily care given to our customers, is providing a high satisfaction.