Unlimited Web hosting

What is "unlimited" web hosting?
"Unlimited" web hosting packages are offered without the "usual" restrictions that are commonly seen in various web hosting packages.
In "unlimited" packages, most often have no limit on disk space, monthly traffic, or the amount of domains that can be stored in a package.
The idea of ​​hosting "unlimited" sites is to allow you to build your sites without worrying about the disk space or traffic that the site uses, but rather to concentrate primarily - building the site.

Is it really "unlimited"?
The answer is - yes, but with a number of conditions .. which makes the answer a bit complex.
That is, web hosting (like any other service in the world) requires certain resources to work properly.

In the case of web hosting, the resources used are from computer resources (hard disk, processors, RAM, etc.), infrastructure resources (such as: traffic / bandwidth) and human resources (of knowledge, development and technology).
All of these - are resources that, in the end, are limited. That is, a single server cannot provide a greater amount of RAM than the amount available on the server, and according to the same example .. On a single server, unlimited disk space cannot be provided (because no unlimited disk space was invented).

Unlimited Web Hosting

If so, "unlimited" storage is actually "unlimited reasonably used" storage.
In other words, as long as the use of the storage package is for hosting a site (or sites) that corresponds to the definition of "shared storage" - there is no limit.
.Hosting a YNET-sized site certainly does not fit the package in this definition, however - a representative site or a small commerce site definitely fits the definition

 it's important to remember,
"Unlimited" represents some quantitative measurement.
For example, in terms of the traffic limit - the system does not measure how many GB of traffic you have used in one month or another.
The system also makes sure that the bandwidth used does not pass a certain limit (since this resource [bandwidth] is a limited resource).

?How can we know which site is suitable for unlimited shared hosting
The above figure is essentially technical, so - if you have any doubt that your site fits into the "unlimited" hosting category
We would recommend first contacting the support department (03-6221258)

Here are some of the conditions that apply to an "unlimited" storage service so that you can see and test your site's suitability for this service:
* CPU usage - Use that exceeds 25% of your computer's processing power for more than 90 seconds
* Physical memory (RAM) - usage exceeding 1GB
* SQL - A run of complex SQL queries whose runtime exceeds 15 seconds
* Hard Disk - Perform IO Intensive operations
* Bandwidth - Use bandwidth greater than 10MBIT, for up to a minute
* Active connections - Quantity of connections exceeding 20 concurrent connections per single user
* Processing Tasks - More than 20 concurrent processing tasks for a single user
* Threads - More than 20 threads (threads) at once for a single user
* Run independent, unmanaged applications, such as IRC or bots
* Running software and / or sites and / or file sharing protocols, such as BitTorrent etc.
* Enable browser-based multiplayer game servers or external software
* Uploading archive files (ISO / ZIP / TAR) in size exceeding 250MB per file
* Upload a promotional media campaign on a shared hosting service
* Upload up to 200,000 files to a single account

Importantly, 99% of sites that are most often hosted in shared hosting will fit this definition, and only about 1% do not fit for hosting under packages defined as "unlimited packages".
Usually, these customers are aware of their failure to comply with the basic package terms and this is done against our terms of use.